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Si Smith - Logan Botanic Koi -4

  • Si Smith - Logan Botanic Koi -4

Si Smith is a freelance illustrator, artist, printmaker and occasional curator; currently living and working in north Leeds.

For as long as he can remember Si Smith has been an avid draw-er of stuff. Maybe it’s in his genes – his father paints and exhibits, his grandfather was also an artist and his brother is a graphic designer and cartoonist.

He was born in Leicester in 1966, and has lived in various places since – Loughborough, Maidstone, Oxford and Thame. And he’s currently resident in north Leeds with his wife Sue and their sons Eddie and Jonah.

These woodcuts, developed from drawings of koi carp in the ornamental pond at the Logan Botanical Gardens in Dumfries and Galloway, are part of an ongoing series of prints.

The drawings were made in September 2020, and these woodcuts have been cut and pressed in the artists' home studio.

Pencil drawing
Frame size = 175x175mm [approx.]